Im having major issues uploading my scans onto blogger. I can get to one particular step in the process which is where the blog uploads the image, but i does not complete this set. I dont know how to resolve this issue as the scans need to be uploaded onto the site in order to be marked.


Im currently having problems uploading my drawings from the last assessment task. My camera yesterday decided to give up the ghost and my scanner is not operating. I am currently tyring to locate a friend whose camera and computer is available for me to use to upgrade my drawings and models. I will (hopefully) have the drawings up by tonight. Sorry.

Submission Two-Section 1:20

1:20 Detail Cross Section of the administrative area of the centre. Designed as two parallel buildings, separated by a moderate walkway for the employees of the centre and the general public to pass through from the public park. Designed to extend the landscape of the park into the community centre grounds, heightening the temporal sense of accessibility of the site to the general public. Glass walls defining the walkway illustrate reciprocity in that the public are able to see the workings of the site and employees are able to view the users of the site. Reciprocity also exists individually within the buildings, that between employees and the oval between the manager and the street and between the manager and employees themselves, as defined by the structure of the buildings. Contrary to a sited opinion, this section was not created the morning it was due, but was thoughfully considered and designed. As instructed at the beginning of the term, i chose a medium that i was not entirely comfortable or efficient at, in the hopes of increasing a skill base that had previously not been developed.